Metal Coffee services are available for any band around the world, doesn’t matter where you are, we help you to spread your music, be it a single, an album or a music video or even your tour!

We’ll provide you access to a private network of record label executives, bands, press agencies, managers and so on, and our service costs you only a dollar a day!

We have a wealth reach through radios and podcasts, which helped 11 bands to get a record deal, in 2018 alone.

Remember, you just need to have a song and a facebook page and we do the rest for you!   

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Accessible Pricing

Our price rage can fit your budget. We offer you plans for less than 1 dollar a day!

Great Network

Share your music while getting to know and spread your music to thousands of people within the industry

FM Radio & Podcasts

Yes, we have rotation placement on FM & College Radio as well as Internet Radio & Podcasts.
Wes is fabulous He will promote, promote, work and promote tirelessly. It's a fabulous price for the support that you will get! \m/
Richard Tilley
Ever Metal Mag
As been with Metal Coffee PR for two months now and things are moving fast. Worldwide radio play, interviews, reviews and there’s a lot more coming!
Nicholas Roy
Couldnt be happier, even with the crappy exchange rate for US dollars, So happy in fact that we have been with Moose for 4 mos. and just signed on for another 3.
Wayne Rich
Dirty Rats